Wine Coolers

Our Wine coolers are manufactured to fit standard 75cl bottles.  The coolers may be made in traditional terra-cotta or white clay. 

These wine coolers work in an ingenious way, developed by the Romans.  They are designed to be dunked in cold water before being used.  Some of the cold water is absorbed in to the body of the cooler, the vast majority is poured out.

When the wine bottle is placed in the cooler the coldness of the absorbed water in the clay reduces the temperature of the wine bottle and because the cold stays in the clay of the cooler, it works for much longer than other types of wine cooler.  The result is continually cooled wine on even the hottest of summer evenings.

The writing at the top of the cooler can be adapted to suit individual requirements, to make the cooler that much more personal.

Please contact us for more information about prices and designs. 

Please Note: All dimensions on this website are approximations and will vary slightly as all of our ceramics are handmade. If you require a different size to the examples given please contact as there are very few limitations.

Other glazes (colours) are available from the satin or gloss cream/stone glaze shown.

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