French Butter Dishes

Our French butter dishes have proved to be a very popular addition to our range of items and are priced from £29 – £95 dependent upon size and design.

These pots are a great example of function and design.

Place butter (soft) into the cup on the lid, pour water to the correct level in base to submerge butter.  When the lid is placed on the base the butter is effectively sealed and kept cool. Therefore, there is no need to refrigerate and the butter remains spreadable. Our butter dish will take a standard packet of butter (250g) in the lid. (Approx size of butter dish 140 mm diameter x 80mm deep).

Please Note: All dimensions on this website are approximations and will vary slightly as all of our ceramics are handmade. If you require a different size to the examples given please contact as there are very few limitations.

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